There comes a time in everyone’s life where they find that they need to downsize. Whether you’re moving into a new home, apartment, or care home, we have the downsizing services to make the process smooth and stress free.

As Quinte’s downsizing home specialists we can help you through each step of the process; from deciding which items to keep and storing items you’ve outgrown (or simply don’t have space for) to moving your belongings, and cleaning your old home, we offer full service downsizing packages that fit your needs and your budget.

  • Declutter
  • Organize
  • Sell / Donate
  • Dispose -Recycle
  • Pack / Unpack

Types Of Downsizing Services That We Offer

Full Service Moving & Packing

We offer full service moving and packing services, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Proper packing helps to ensure that nothing gets damaged in the move while also making it easy to know where each box will go. We provide packers, supplies and inventory lists allowing us to take the stress off of you and have your home prepared for moving day.

Sorting & Organizing Your Belongings

When downsizing and moving into a smaller space, whether an apartment or condo, purging unneeded items is an important part of the process. We can help organize your items and donate or discard the ones you no longer need. 


Once you’ve been moved into your new home, our indoor climate controlled storage services can also keep seasonal belongings, personal keepsakes, and extra furniture safe and secure. 

Home Cleaning

For many people the process of moving from a home to a care home can leave you feeling uneasy. Let us relieve some of the stress by helping you with the part that nobody wants to do; cleaning. We can clean your old and/or new home; greatly reducing your workload on moving day.

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